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Shaken to the Core- A Exploration in Hot Yoga

Corepower Hot Yoga is like a typical workout on steroids. It might sound intimidating, especially to beginners, but the classes with heated temperatures are offered at all levels. The Corepower classes also focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles commonly referred to as the core (hence its name). If you can’t stand the discomfort of doing crunches, the Corepower workout will strengthen your abdominal muscles without straining your neck. The steamy surroundings of a 105-degree room make a demanding workout even more challenging.

Location: California, USA.
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Fat fighting, flexibility, and a free mind

Having practised a few forms of yoga for a time, Hogan then turned to hot yoga. He began to feel immense and almost instantaneous benefits. Such were these benefits — both physical and mental — that he vowed to learn more about the healing art of yoga.

Location: Galway, Ireland.
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Hot Yoga Comes to Iceland

Hot yoga has come to Iceland. Gyms and yoga centers are promoting it everywhere and there is quite a following. Indeed, such is its popularity that there are hot yoga classes, early morning, late afternoon and in the evening dotted all around Reykjavík. Personally, I think this kind of yoga fits well with the Icelandic psyche.

Location: Iceland.
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Warming up to Hot Yoga

The hottest new health and wellness trend to hit Preston Street in the last two months has been hot yoga. It’s just what it sounds like: a series of traditional yoga postures, but practiced in a room that is heated up to 38 degrees Celsius.

Location: Ontario, Canada.
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Motivation Monday: "Hot Yoga" the hot new trend in fitness

Hot yoga is characterized by a series of yoga poses which is done in a heated room. The room where you perform the exercise is preserved at a temperature of 95-100 degrees. This kind of exercise gives off a lot of perspiration during a session because you are stuck in a heated room. It's become the "celebrity workout" for people like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani.

Location: USA.
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Open for business: Bikram Yoga Napa Valley

Bikram Yoga Napa Valley offers more than just yoga in a hot room. The facility includes a full kitchen, men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, and high tech sound systems in every room. The studio was created using green building practices. I’m a big fan of saving the planet, said Carrara.

Location: California, USA.
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Yoga’s populous rise has Bikram’s eyeing franchising

Choudhury started training other Bikram Yoga teachers in 1994 and the approach has evolved into a system very similar to that of a typical franchise chain. Teachers receive nine weeks of training and serve a six-month apprenticeship at a Bikram Yoga location.

Location: Los Angeles, USA.
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What Hot Yoga can do for you

At 6ft 3in and with a body-fat content of just 6.5 per cent, tennis ace Andy Murray appears to be leaner, stronger and having more success on court than earlier this year. Murray's secret? Like Elle Macpherson and Daniel Craig, he is a convert to Bikram yoga.

Location: UK.
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Steelers fever takes new meaning with hot yoga

For 38-year-old Sean Conley, the days of lifting weights and running sprints are over. "I spent my whole life building strength, muscle and speed," he said of his football career in the NFL. He spends his time teaching in a 90-degree, heated yoga studio on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside, rather than at the gym or on the field. And now, Mr. Conley is spreading the benefits of yoga to his local NFL cohorts. During the fall season, Steelers players join him after game days for a round of weekly classes.

Location: Pittsburgh, USA.
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Hot yoga helps real estate executive

I have always been able to handle many stressful situations, but the hot yoga really helps me sit back and relax and breathe in a difficult situation.

Location: Phoenix, USA.
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Can Bikram yoga build biceps?

Lying still is exactly what I like to do on a weekday morning but, intrigued by the changes in Murray's physique, the Telegraph challenged me to attend a session at Bikram Hot Yoga, the studio in south-west London where he perspired his way to peak condition.

Location: UK.
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