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Bheda Yoga


Bheda Yoga is a destination. A sanctuary where you can dedicate time to yourself and unearth, through the practice of hot yoga, your limitless potential.

Bheda Yoga is more than a studio. It is a place you’ll feel you belong. A non competitive, supportive, welcoming, non judgemental community where you can meet likeminded people or maintain your personal space and privacy. Bheda is a place where you will be challenged and challenge yourself, where your physical, emotional and spiritual strength can grow.

We know what it’s like to have a busy schedule, competing priorities and lots to juggle so we will make it as easy as possible for you to come as often as you can. We know that the more often you come to practice, the healthier and happier you’ll be, finding that energy you need and want for yourself and for the people you love and support.

Moving through negative emotional and mental states via hot yoga isn’t a myth: it actually happens (whether you’re a cynic or not!). Moving through these states allows you to have a dynamic life and never feel or get stuck. Our teachers are also mentors, they are living examples of what can happen to your body, mind and emotions when the courage to leave the couch and “reasons” behind becomes a walk through our door.

Our values are respect for individual context, compassion for ourselves and each other, ruthless support and encouragement, professionalism and lifelong learning.

Bheda Yoga is a hot yoga methodology designed to build strength, flexibility, discipline, focus, determination, perserverence, the capacity to feel joy, heal injury, prevent disease, detox organs, stimulate glands, eliminate depression and shed unwanted pounds and inches. Bheda Yoga will teach you to be your own Guru (thanks Sasha)- in the studio and in your life.

Bheda Yoga will give you an intoxicating experience through a rigorous and challenging flow and what you take with you after class are unparalleled physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits. This is as true for people who walk in the door for the first time as it is for those who have been practicing for years. How hard you push is up to you. Just remember: what you let yourself get away with in the studio is what you let yourself away with “out there”.

The studio is located on a main thoroughfare and at the junction of two main highways so we’re easy to find. The studio is set back quite a bit so that you have plenty of parking and don’t have the noise from the street. Around us there are popular coffee shops, restaurants and retail shops.

Location: Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Address: 2800 John Street, Unit 25, Markham, Ont L3R 0E2, Canada.

Phone: 647 823-HEAT (4328)