Hot Yoga Books

Bikram Yoga

Author: Bikram Choudhury

Bikram, the hot yoga program, has been heating up the yoga world lately, and its founder probably has something to do with it: The outspoken, dramatic, and always controversial Bikram Choudhury has garnered a lot of attention with his version of hatha yoga that some yogis think unorthodox: In his classes, students are stuck in a room heated to at least 105 degrees doing a structured program of 26 asanas with a sergeant-like instructor - and they love it. Bikram Yoga will emulate that same energy. With his take-no-prisoners philosophy, Bikram describes how the program can reap great medical, physical, and spiritual benefits - the poses work out every part of the body, all of which can help alleviate many common ailments, from asthma to back pain. (Photographs will accompany each pose.) In addition, the book offers the best ways to incorporate eastern philosophy into a western lifestyle and tips on how yoga can cultivate a union between body and spirit. Simply put, you don't have to meditate passively to reap the benefits of yoga.

Comment: The original and still the best Bikram Yoga book - always the best place to start. Humourous and instructive.

Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class

Author: Bikram Choudhury

Bikram Choudhury explores each of the Bikram Yoga poses in turn. Each pose is beautifully illustrated, with complete instructions including variations to accomodate all levels.

Comment: This is an excellent book to further your understanding of each pose - especially good if you attend a Bikram yoga class and want to get more out of it.

Hot Yoga: Energizing, Rejuvenating, Healing

Author: Marilyn Barnett

Drawing on many years experience and working with different schools of yoga, Marilyn Barnett shares health secrets that can transform your life. Explore ways in which your mind and body work together, and learn the meanings that underlie hot yoga’s body positions and movements. This instructive volume will help you discover the 26 postures that are key to hot yoga success.

Comment: Some say better than Bikrams books.