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Hot Yoga, is the hottest growing form of yoga world wide. From Canada to Singapore, from the United States to Australia, and in India, United Kingdom and Japan, yogis and yoginis everywhere are discovering the benefits of hot yoga.

There are a growing range of styles of hot yoga. Some of the main ones include Bikram Yoga, Moksha Yoga, Hot Power and the Barkan Method.

This website is all about you and your practice of hot yoga. It is a place to find hot yoga resources, learn more about hot yoga and to find your nearest hot yoga studio.

So grab your hot yoga mat, choose a hot yoga studio and start your hot yoga classes!

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Hot Yoga in the News

Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga is very much in the news, we gather the latest and most interesting hot yoga news!

Shaken to the Core- A Exploration in Hot Yoga

Corepower Hot Yoga is like a typical workout on steroids. It might sound intimidating, especially to beginners, but the classes with heated temperatures are offered at all levels. The Corepower classes also focus on strengthening the abdominal muscles commonly referred to as the core (hence its name). If you can’t stand the discomfort of doing crunches, the Corepower workout will strengthen your abdominal muscles without straining your neck. The steamy surroundings of a 105-degree room make a demanding workout even more challenging.

Location: California, USA.
Link to: Shaken to the Core- A Exploration in Hot Yoga.

Fat fighting, flexibility, and a free mind

Having practised a few forms of yoga for a time, Hogan then turned to hot yoga. He began to feel immense and almost instantaneous benefits. Such were these benefits — both physical and mental — that he vowed to learn more about the healing art of yoga.

Location: Galway, Ireland.
Link to: Fat fighting, flexibility, and a free mind.

Hot Yoga Comes to Iceland

Hot yoga has come to Iceland. Gyms and yoga centers are promoting it everywhere and there is quite a following. Indeed, such is its popularity that there are hot yoga classes, early morning, late afternoon and in the evening dotted all around Reykjavík. Personally, I think this kind of yoga fits well with the Icelandic psyche.

Location: Iceland.
Link to: Hot Yoga Comes to Iceland.

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